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Our services are structured to deliver sustainable results in the areas that matter most to you. Whether your next move is validating concepts, developing your go-to-market strategy, designing your product or gaining market traction, we have the expertise and resources you need to successfully navigate each stage of your business and product lifecycle.

David E. Antila, Managing Partner

Validation of your product concept and evaluation of your business plan. Or identify the steps involved to go to market and your current state of readiness to get there.


Strategy and consulting support that helps you define or refine your value proposition. Create the road map for you to market, build and operate your product and prepare for additional investment or funding.


Design, build, launch and test your product in the market place. We provide support in developing your branding, website and mobile applications, user testing and social media executions.


You are ready to accelerate growth. We can help you build your user base, deepen engagement with existing customers, expand your product line or markets and perform due diligence in preparation for acquisition.

Concept Validation

You've got a great idea but still need to identify the high level market opportunity, target segment and competitive activity plus determine the scope of your project and see if anyone else thinks it’s a great idea.

We help you to fill in key information gaps to help you assess whether you have a concept that is worth investing in at the next level.
Business Plan Assessment

We start by listening to where you have been and where you want to go. From there we can assess each component of your business plan to identify its strengths and weaknesses and overall effectiveness to attract investors and act as a tool for you to manage your business. An action plan of steps necessary to close any gaps is identified so you can create a compelling and comprehensive business plan.
Research & Testing

Understand the latest trends and how they may influence your target customer or who the competitors are – and which ones you need to worry about. Use iterative measurable testing methodologies to build your fact base and evaluate customer reactions to your concept, product features, processes and user journeys.
Product Strategy

Define or refine your value proposition by understanding your customer profile, needs and engagement levers, how you will monetize your product and which markets to prioritize.
Marketing Strategy

Design your market positioning, communication channels, tools, approach to automation and measurement strategy and ensure they are aligned with your technology and operations strategies.
Sales Readiness

Ignite your sales and turn prospects into customers with the right distribution strategy, sales process, lead generation, automation and training tools.
Technology Solutions

Choose the right application and platform development solutions based on validated user stories and in-market test protocols while working with trusted development partners.
Entity / Legal / Ops Requirements

Set up your business entity, file your patents and trademarks or source the staff and strategic partners you need to run your business. Optimize your operational capacity and work flow processes and instill the business reporting you need to track and measure your performance.
Economic Model

Validate your market definition, key financial drivers and business case to get your financial package ready for the scrutiny of investors.
Investor Sell-In

We help to validate your market definition, key financial drivers and business case to get your diligence package ready for the scrutiny of investors. Focus your pitch for funding – with a concise, compelling business case. Get you to a “YES!” with a spot-on presentation, pro-formas and introductions to the right investors for you.
Branding, Copywriting, Artwork

Work with the best creative minds to design your unique logo, brand, messaging and artistic applications.
Video Production

Professional videos that tell the story of your company and vision and transform testimonials into engaging stories. Create customized tutorials that add another dimension to engage your customers in understanding tasks and calls to action on your site or application.
Web Design

From color choices to fonts, shapes and text – every element is carefully chosen to design your Web site and application to make it as visually impressive as it is functional. Create a responsive retina-ready design utilizing PHP, Ajax, jQuery, HTML5, and WordPress.
Mobile Design

Whether you need an HTML5 Mobile app, Web Friendly Site, or native Android or iOS, we can guide you to the right mobile solution for you. Apps are designed to be functional and add usability to your product.

Avoid the downfall of having 74 percent of people abandon their online purchases (citing confusion or frustration at some step in the process as their top reasons) by leveraging extensive research detailing the practices and strategies of 100 of the highest grossing e-Commerce sites currently on the market.
Social Media

Drive your message through new social media channels and automate your marketing tools and tracking capabilities to quickly respond to customer behaviors. Create marketing tools and press releases for traditional media outlets like magazines, newspapers and TV.
Application Development

Simplify the development process with access to a network of over 500 professional, trusted resources that are aligned to deliver on your needs with a tool box that includes almost any language, from HTML5, Native Android and iOS, Java, .Net, PHP, Ruby on Rails and others.
Content Management

Easily edit your own Web sites and application data without expert help or knowledge. Content Management frameworks such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla empower you to update content in seconds. With personalized training videos and easy to use dashboards, your information will always be current.
User Testing / Research

Use iterative measurable testing methodologies to evaluate customer reactions to your branding, copy, web or mobile application user journeys.
User Growth & Engagement

Tell the story of what is happening with your customers with diagnostic user testing and or marketing analytics. Translate those insights into actions to not only grow your customer base but get them actively engaged with your product. Optimize calls to action, landing pages and marketing automation tools or incorporate game mechanics and premium content to keep customers coming in and coming back.
Product Line Extensions

Deliver more to your customers with extended or new product offerings. Determine who these new products appeal to and the best approach to monetization, incorporation with existing products and how to roll them out.
Market Extensions

Determine which markets are the most viable and how to prioritize roll out for maximum impact. This includes vertical extensions as well as horizontal and geographic expansion.
M&A Due Diligence

Establish criteria for asset purchases or acquisitions under consideration, including strategic fit for each candidate. Assess the target’s likely post-transaction performance based on market forces and competitive environment. Complete financial assessments in preparation for full transactional due diligence and a high-level technical/marketplace/competitive analysis prior to the presentation of a term sheet (or directly after receipt of a term sheet/offer to you.)